Welcome to Disneyland, Circa Summer 1962, Pt. 3

Selasa, 28 Juni 2011

The Mark Twain is at the dock, waiting for you to board! C'mon—hurry up, so that you can take a spin around the Rivers of America on this majestic beauty of a boat.

Once again, more mysterious construction going on here. I believe the Indian Village had already moved over to this location by 1956, so not quite sure what the pickup truck and lumber are for; maybe just a "plussing" of the show.

Curious people like me just have to zoom in.

Despite the construction, the canoes appear to operating just fine.

With Castle Rock in the foreground, you can see The Mark Twain's competition (The Columbia) in the background, alongside the Matterhorn.

The Burning Cabin and the Dead Settler:

Gotta' see that gore as close as possible!

The faux Indian Village along the river:

And barely visible is the dead Indian; unlike the Dead Settler, this guy at least gets wrapped up:

Last ones for today are two shots of Cascade Peak:

...and a glorious closeup:

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