Wednesday WOW: The Viewliner

Rabu, 27 Januari 2010

It’s sleek, it’s silver, and it’s shortlived! Yes folks, it’s Disneyland’s Viewliner, originally the transportation of tomorrow, it was quickly switched out for the much larger (and sexier!) Monorail. You’ll note in this closeup that the lettering on the side says "Santa Fe and Disneyland RY." Anyone know what the RY stands for?

Here’s a 1957 photo of its inspiration, the Aerotrain, which was also short-lived:

On another note, saw the "new" Pee Wee Herman show the other night at Club Nokia—it was out of this world, Globey! For the full write-up, go to my Hollywood blog.

See more vintage Viewliner photos at my regular website.

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