Disneyland, February 1971, pt. 3

Senin, 13 Oktober 2008

Last call for February 1971! We finish out the series in Frontierland again. Plenty to see and do here! Let’s begin with a few shots of the Ceremonial Dance Circle of the Indian Village. Note the Keelboat and Canoe in the background of shot #1.

I have a number of shots like this, spanning the decades, and they always make me happy. I think it’s so cool to see little kids enjoying a cultural learning that doesn’t require a computer, ipod, or TV. Oh yeah, and dig the crazy ponchos!

The sun is setting over at the Indian Village, so we must bid a fond farewell and keep moving with our tour.

Anybody want a used piano? But seriously folks...anyone know about this player piano and whether it’s still around?

Ah, another lost waterfall...Cascade Peak. Can you hear the water rushing?

See more vintage & current Frontierland photos at my regular website.

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