Disneyland in Focus: Adventure Thru Inner Space pt. 2

Jumat, 19 September 2008

Back again today for the conclusion to this 2-parter. When it came to edu-tainment, few did it as well as Disney. Who woulda’ thunk that an attraction about molecules and atoms would be so popular? Or maybe it was just the fact that the Omnimover system provided the perfect place for a quick little makeout session (under the watchful guidance of Disneyland cast members). Either way, this attraction is still talked about with extreme fondness over 20 years after its removal (Sept. 2, 1985).

Even cast members got a little lovin’ on this attraction:

A little Monsanto propaganda, which is only natural since they sponsored the attraction until September 1977. Once Monsanto was gone, virtually all traces of the sponsor’s name were removed and ATIS carried on for another 8 years.

See more Adventure Thru Inner Space photos at my regular website. For the Major who asked the other day if the Main Street Wooden Indian was still around, here is a visual timeline from 1955 to present of the famous icon which is still there for guests to enjoy:

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